Inner Beauty
          Every woman must always yearned for beauty and will strive to attain, even those willing to sacrifice to do everything to turn himself in imitation of the real beauty is only temporary and can disappear in an instant. But did you know that real beauty? Intrinsic beauty is the beauty will be personality, both of which emanated from the heart, mind, and the doings that reflect the elegance of a woman. This is called an inner beauty which can certainly add to the beauty of a woman outside. While they are beautiful outside but lack the inner beauty, then it will terhapuslah outer beauty which is a boon for him. We often encounter in this life, a woman who was so beautiful in appearance but has a beautiful character and personality would be more impressive had sweeter when compared with women who are beautiful in appearance but not both moral and personal.
So the ultimate inner beauty belong to every woman because it can emit an aura that would make women the favored and always anticipated his presence. Woman with inner beauty can provide coolness and comfort to any who was friends with him, but he was still sticking to what the principle that he could not be carried away by the association that can plunge into the murky future and unwanted by anyone.
Then how is one's view of this inner beauty? Inner beauty has a deep meaning and understanding area, but we can interpret that a woman who has inner beauty of them is a woman who has intelligence and achievement can provide maanfaat for herself and others, has a beautiful character and make him an area of ​​ocean that will never falter with everything that happened to him even though he felt sore, ready smile & humility, helpfulness and other good qualities that make up a fascinating personality. For that, the inner beauty will shine by itself if it has always sought to provide something useful for the surroundings and give happiness, especially to relatives that he loved. Because the inner beauty will show itself when he interacted with people around, who all come from the heart and mind is realized in all such actions and what she's saying all the things he did.
Those, it is necessary to organize this by always prejudiced heart good & positive thinking and doing things solely based on taste without expecting any sincere nevertheless. Therefore percantiklah yourself with inner and outer beauty, always dressed beautifully and simple that appear unsightly, diligent worship closer to Him, having vision and veil knowledge by reading books or doing various other efforts, making the experience and are always learning and taking the meaning of each events and always introspection also strive to be better than ever.
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